U N L O C K ___ A R T W O R K

Like many other artists, the crisis has been and is still very severe. 

We were lucky enough to spend this confinement period in our workshop / Studio 1, and to use this time to create and prepare the next projects which will be the release of a book of our common life, and of a double vinyl album of sound creations from recent years, and of course some new paintings…

Regarding the exhibitions, everything is uncertain. Impossible to know what the future will made of.

We painted, and listed all of our artworks.

They are for sale and can be viewed on our website: https://www.agamfahy.xyz/artworks-step-1/

Thank you for your curiosity, your support and for taking the time to read us. Yours, Tal and Lionel

Comme de nombreux autres artistes, la crise a été et est encore très rude. 
Nous avons eu la chance d’être dans notre atelier / studio 1
et d’avoir pu utiliser ce temps pour créer et  préparer nos prochains projets.

Il s’agit de  la sortie d’un livre de notre vie commune,
et d’un double album en vinyl des créations sonores qui ont accompagné nos installations…

Concernant les expositions, tout est en suspens. Impossible de savoir de quoi sera fait demain.

Nous avons peint, et répertorié toutes nos oeuvres. Elles sont en vente et consultables sur notre site:


Merci pour votre curiosité, votre soutien et pour avoir pris le temps de nous lire.

Bien à vous,

Tal et Lionel


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Studio 1

Let us introduce you our Studio 1
We feel very lucky to be able to work here and enjoy the garden during the these crazy time.
We hope you all feel good and your beloved one too.

Cancellation – Residency – Grenoble and Roubaix

After one year of research and collaboration on this duo, "zeppelin Bend", Katerina, Natali, Myrto, Yannick, Elodie and I must pause to residencies in Grenoble and Roubaix, due to the epidemic worldwide situation

We will be happy to quickly announce the dates, as soon as possible.

In Grenoble, we were received by Le Pacifique - http://lepacifique-grenoble.com/katerina-andreou/

Dans le cadre de sa résidence immersion au Pacifique co-organisée avec le CCN2, Katerina Andreou vous donne rendez-vous : 
Sam 14.03 à 11h pour vous faire entrer dans la danse avec un atelier pour toutes et tous !
Sam 14.03 à 19h30 pour vous présenter une pièce déjà créée, le solo BSTRD.
Jeu 26.03 à 19h pour découvrir une étape de travail de sa nouvelle création Zeppelin Bend dans le cadre d’un Arrêt sur image* au CCN2.
In Roubaix, we were received by Le Gymnase for an avant première, at the Théâtre de l'Oiseau Mouche
We are very grateful for all the people working in these places,

Looking forward sharing this adventure with you,



Cancellation – Estelle Delcambre

In Movement Festival 2020 – teaser from Les Brigittines on Vimeo.

After years of research in movement and for this solo, Estelle Delcambre, Meri and I , must postpone "Marée Haute".

We will be happy to quickly announce the dates , as soon as possible.

Looking forward sharing this adventure with you,



Cher Public,
Nous avions prévu de vous faire entrer dans des imaginaires poétiques et chorégraphiques… mais le COVID-19 en a décidé autrement.
En raison de la récente évolution de la propagation du virus, la programmation du Festival In Movement et les événements impliquant du public sont annulés dès aujourd’hui et jusqu’au 3 avril inclus.
Nous assumons évidemment tous nos engagements vis-à-vis des artistes et du personnel impliqués dans le Festival. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour réduire au maximum les répercussions de cette annulation en envisageant le report des représentations sur la saison prochaine.
Si vous souhaitez demander le remboursement de vos places pour le festival In Movement, nous vous invitons à envoyer un mail avant le 3 avril 2020 à tickets@brigittines.be avec les informations suivantes : nom, coordonnées bancaires et numéro de votre commande.
Au plaisir de vous retrouver prochainement en bonne forme et dans un contexte apaisé.
L’équipe des Brigittines 


Nous vous invitons à respecter les consignes affichées dans tous les lieux publics et à prendre les mesures de prudence particulières recommandées. Retrouvez toutes les informations concernant le coronavirus sur le site du gouvernement : https://www.info-coronavirus.be/fr/2020/03/10/protegez-vous-et-protegez-les-autres/

Brussels / Brigitinnes

Tal is heading to brussels for a sound design for a solo performance of Estelle Delcambre

Questions the metamorphosis of the body. The piece tells the tale of a woman who is gradually overcome by an ambient malaise. In a refined dance solo, Estelle Delcambre offers her body the possibility of being reborn, forgetting for a moment her own identity. The movement repeats itself, the limbs twisting, with the dark tide engulfing her. The dancer returns to the material world, the origins of the world, letting her body express the deep essence of being.
Through a sensual and brutal dialogue between the dancer and pictorial art, this piece questions the imprint we leave on the world and questions the destiny of each human being.
Concept, performance :
Estelle Delcambre
Sound designer :
Tal Agam
Light designer :
Meri Ekola
Scenography :
Jean Louyest
Co-production :
Les BrigittinesEditor
art&culture :
Coline Rouge

Yassas – Athens Greece

ÅGÅMFÅHŸ is heading to Athens.

Tal is doing the sound design of the new performance "Zeppelin Bend".

A Duo performed bu Katerina Andreou and Natali Mandila
Credit Maya Agam
Rehearsing at the CND

credit GR
While her loneliness on stage in the works “A Kind of Fierce” and “BSTRD” brought Katerina Andreou the “promise of emancipation”, the (work-in-progress) duet “Zeppelin Bend” sees the choreographer turn to wellness practices and techniques through which the complicated relationship between body and self emerges. And what could be more familiar in the world of dance, where the body is constantly suspended between hardcore discipline and the punishing search for pleasure, the boundaries of which have become ever more difficult to discern.

In this duet, the performers manage truly to assemble movements, sounds and actions in their search for “survival mechanisms”, such as unfettered imaginations and activated bodies. Mechanisms that allow us to redefine the limits of freedom, returning perhaps to a undisciplined child-like nature that borders on the risky. “Players and played” on stage, the pair test and are tested by new expressive techniques and possibilities, seeking out moments of unadulterated bodily truth – a paradoxical mix of discipline and emancipatory power.

Credit Clément-Harpillard
The term “zeppelin bend” refers to the creation of a tied knot with numerous applications: a type of joining that can be understood both metaphorically, as a tie that binds us to someone or something, and literally, as a knot. Andreou situates her duet within the logic of this “choreographed co-existence”; the intention being not to praise duality exactly, but rather to concentrate on difference as the prerequisite for exploring the fine ties that bind us somehow to the other and keep us fettered.

Andreou situates two basic concepts at the core of her work: free will, and the techniques and technologies that hide behind various body practices and cultures, be they new physical fitness trends, or meditation and self-exploration exercises – all the symptoms of discipline or self-help mechanisms that help us to discover the limits of the self, at times through the logic of conformity and at others through an insistence on freedom.

Katerina Andreou appeared at the Young Choreographers Festival 5 with her work “BSTRD”, a solo that explored the limits of “authentic” expression on stage and the bodily “truth” of the performer. As indicated by the title “BSTRD” – a vowel-less abbreviation of the word “bastard” – this solo resulted from her research into various music cultures (a mix of house music tracks) and dance idioms (freestyle) with the aim of revealing the amalgamatory process of bastardization that exists in every creative endeavor."

Happy 2020

Happy new 2020 to all of you!

2019 has been very active for our collective @agamfahy
We did 4 exhibitions in France and Belgium and were able to go further in our skills to mix our installations with the sound designing and the total control of lights.

We have been travelling a lot, in Japan, Israel, Italy, far in the french mountains, Swiss, and Belgium…

2020 is already a year full of big projects! Frederique Bardu is officially the third member of our group and we are so happy she joins us as our manager.

We are going to work on a book release and the limited edition of a lp vinyl … Tal as a sound designer is compiling the creations of exhibitions we did in France, Belgium, Norway, Argentina for the event.

Tel Aviv seems to be for us the next destination and seemingly we will start to work soon on 2 big exhibitions starting end of 2020
until mid 2021!!!

Life is a gift!!

Christmas in Israël

We came to Tel Aviv to set up some of our projects for our next exhibitions in the country. Then we traveled to the north, closed to the Lebanon border and stayed with the Druze community. Capharnaüm was one of our destination too! Such an amazing place closed to the Cisjordania border… More to come soon.