Brussels / Brigitinnes

Tal is heading to brussels for a sound design for a solo performance of Estelle Delcambre

Questions the metamorphosis of the body. The piece tells the tale of a woman who is gradually overcome by an ambient malaise. In a refined dance solo, Estelle Delcambre offers her body the possibility of being reborn, forgetting for a moment her own identity. The movement repeats itself, the limbs twisting, with the dark tide engulfing her. The dancer returns to the material world, the origins of the world, letting her body express the deep essence of being.
Through a sensual and brutal dialogue between the dancer and pictorial art, this piece questions the imprint we leave on the world and questions the destiny of each human being.
Concept, performance :
Estelle Delcambre
Sound designer :
Tal Agam
Light designer :
Meri Ekola
Scenography :
Jean Louyest
Co-production :
Les BrigittinesEditor
art&culture :
Coline Rouge